Sunday, December 14, 2008

Is Ben Bernanke Charles Ponzi's Lovechild?

All this talk about the greatest ponzi scheme of all time had me look up the real macoy - Charles Ponzi. After glancing at his mug shot for five seconds I realized who he strikingly resembled - Ben Bernanke. Granted, Mr. Bernanke is missing a few of the fuzzy traits, but the likeness is uncanny.

Where is this guy going with this you ask?

If we think that the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme is big, just wait until the Fed and Treasury's redemptions (hello China, hello Japan, hello World) come knocking. All Bernie Madoff did was pull a page from the fiat monetary policy page book. As long as new suckers, I mean purchasers, continue to buy up our debt, the scheme, I mean American Dream, continues. When will the music stop? Go ask Chuckie Prince.

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johnboy said...

Couldn't have said it better myself