Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stop Whining!

Man can you hear the whining around the trading pits tonight.

"Damn Obama sticking his nose in the markets. Socialism! How am I suppose to trade when they intervene every month!"

If you didn't see this coming or weren't prepared for a 3:30 news flash on a technical break day - you shouldn't be trading. Do you remember the Geithner announcement in November when we were sitting at the 2002 low? We aren't the only ones who read the charts. They know exactly where things stand and frankly they hold some serious cards at this point. Between the repeal of the uptick rule, the purposely ambiguous bank rescue plan to changes in mark-to-market accounting - get ready for some more whipsaw and stop your whining. There's no crying in baseball.

Perhaps these information catalysts will only have fleeting effects in supporting the markets - or perhaps they will turn the tide favorably away from these rocky shoals. At these levels with so much riding on the precarious technical framework of the market - you have to be prepared for it. Remember most technicians and elliot wave theorists were flabbergasted with the bull market that sprang from the 2002 lows. Greed seeps into bulls and bears alike and never discriminates.

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